Custom Crops {Camera}

Christmas of 2011, the hubby decided to get us a DSLR camera for our Christmas present.  We both love to take pictures and experiment and this has been the perfect camera take it a step further with.  After much research, he ordered a Sony Alpha 55.  It was cheaper than both the Canon and Nikon but had very similar reviews and capabilities.  I am still not sure I am 100% sold on going the non-Canon/Nikon route, but I do LOVE this camera.  Here are some of our experimentations... enjoy :)

Fancy camera!?  Now what? My lessons learned with my DSLR

A Fun Baby & Belly Picture Idea

Preschool Artwork Collage for the Scrapbook

Simple Things Sunday: Little Sis on the Move!
Christmas Pictures in front of the Tree
Simple Things

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