Friday, February 15, 2013

A March Chalkboard Printable

In my quest to do a printable for each month of the year that can easily be switched out, here is March!  I found this super cute Irish blessing and thought it would be perfect for a March printable!
This is meant to be printed as an 8X10- just send it to your local print shop.  I keep mine all in the frame together so they can just be switched out as the year goes by.  Click HERE or on the picture itself to get the downloadable file!

{Pssss- Looking for Subway or Chevron St. Patty's Day Printables- we've got em!!}

Looking for January or February??  Just click on these little guys :)
Enjoy, and as always, thanks for stopping in!


  1. Love this; it is such a cute idea!

  2. Hi Christy - you little buttons look very cute! The only way I know to get them to have a clear background is to do it in Photoshop. The background needs to be "transparent" and then save it as a .png file not a .jpg file.
    I am not sure how to do it without photoshop??
    You could try Photobucket though... they have lots of new tools.

  3. Oh- now you have got my attention, lol! We just got photoshop this winter... I am going to have to investigate!! I didn't know you could get the transparent background... but maybe the issue was just saving it as a .png because I had hope that these would have a transparent background, but they didn't. Thanks!!

  4. Hi Christy, first you have to select "backgroup - transparent" in Photo shop when you create a new document. THEN save it as a .png... BUT make sure you "MERGE LAYERS" don't "flatten image" or the background will return to white. Once you have saved your .png files, I have found that Photobucket is the best place to host the image.
    Upload your .png files there.
    Start fresh with copying the code from my blog, so any little errors won't be included in your new code. Just copy and paste the "Generic code" from the blog into a word doco and save.
    Click on the image you want to create the button code for
    and THEN click on the "direct link" code option to copy it. This is the only one which will work with the buttons code. Maybe this might be what was going wrong?
    OK then find this part of the code from my blog: src="IMAGE ADDRESS"

    replace IMAGE ADDRESS with the copied code from photobucket. Make sure to leave the (") intact and have no extra spaces inside them.

    Then add your social media details, save and repeat for all the buttons.
    This really should work fine if you make sure the code you are starting with is "clean" (error free) and that you copy and paste your personalised info carefully and correctly. Good luck!

  5. oops I meant "Background" not Backgroup!! (really should check my spelling before I publish!)

  6. These are all so cute! I am including it in a round up of st. patty's day items! Would love it if you stopped by Totally Terrific Tuesday and joined the party!!


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