Friday, August 9, 2013

In the Nest, Ready to Learn Classroom Behavior Chart

Since school in getting ready to start for most of the world (we have already been back two weeks now!), I figured I should share our little behavior chart for our classroom so some of you all could take advantage!!  We are doing a little birdie theme, which I may get myself together enough to take pictures and show, but for now, here is the behavior chart!!  The students each have a clothes pin with their name and they all start out on green (woo hoo!) and can move up for good choices and down for poor choices!  Ours hangs on one of our cabinet doors and works wonderfully!
You can download the prints HERE.  I sent them to Costco and ordered 8X10 prints (there are four in all and costs about $6 to print).  You will have to cut the red from the purple.  I glued down the pieces on some butcher paper in the correct order and laminated to help make it more durable. 

Hope you enjoy!

Little Pumpkin Baby Shower Invites- Free and Customizable!

So my sister in law is pregnant with a beautiful little girl... which means I get to help throw the baby shower {fun, fun, and more fun!}.  Since the shower will be in October, we are going to have a 'Little Pumpkin' shower.  Since I am in charge of the invites, I kind of went crazy making all sorts of invitations and letting her choose a style that she liked best.  And since I have all these already made, why not share them??? 
To use these backgrounds, just download them HERE and open them in a picture editing software that allows you to add text.  My favorite and easy to use program is Google's free Picasa program.  Once you add your text and save as a jpeg file, you can send to your favorite print shop (mine is Costco, lustre finish).  I personally use a wholesale postcard printing service (like Overnight Prints) which not only gives you a nice sturdy card stock, but also allows you to add details for the invitation on the back and can usually be ordered with envelopes!  Oh- and is super cheap... but will take longer to get through the snail mail!

Let me know if you are able to use these for your baby shower- I would love to see!!  Also, any questions, just let me know!  Enjoy and happy showering :)

 PS: Many of these design elements and fonts are free to use for those of us amateurs who are not making things like these for money!!  I would like to thank just a few of these awesome places for having free goodies!!

Persnickety Prints
Kimberly Geswein Fonts
Pugly Pixel
The Coffee Shop Blog

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