Custom Paintings

I love to paint!  I love to paint people in true raw moments.  I am by no means a photorealistic painter, but enjoy capturing the emotion frozen in time.  Below you will find some of my paintings.  If you have a photograph you would like turned into a painting, please contact me for an estimate!

A Sandhill Social Hour
(Offered for Sale: 16X20 Acrylic on Canvas $155 framed, $110 unframed)

Dad's Tractor

Even Boys Can Soar

Our Love

Boys & Guitars

A Sunset Beauty

Pomegranates & Roses
(Offered for Sale- 16X20 Acrylic on Canvas, Unframed $75)

Valley Oaks & Blue Skies
(Offered for Sale- 12X16 Acrylic on Canvas Board, Unframed $50)

Aptos from the Yellow House

Impressionist Painting Study: Robinson's 'La Vachere'

An Oak Framed Sky

Justa Happy Bar

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