Thursday, March 27, 2014

A FREE Playroom Print for those BORED kiddos!

I saw the cutest Pin on Pinterest... a snap shot some witty mom must have taken.  I loved her little whiteboard 'suggestions' so much, I had to make it up into a print!  Thank you mystery mom with a camera for this oh-so-cute idea!

This shows the print framed and matted... but will look like this straight from your local print lab :)
This print was created to be an 11X14 print or an 8X10 print.  To download the two different files, just click HERE!

Are you in search of the perfect print for a playroom, kids room or nursery and just can't find what you want?  I do custom prints as well.  Shoot me a message via email or facebook and I would be happy to give you a quote :)  I also have some things up on my Etsy page... you can find the link to all three places at the top right of my blog page.

Thanks for stopping in!

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