Friday, June 21, 2013

Preschool Artwork Collage for the Scrapbook

This was big sis' first year in preschool and and while I knew I wanted to save pieces of work from her year for her scrapbook, I didn't really understand how impossible that would be until I had a whole box full of stuff!!  I decided instead of putting the actual work inside of her scrapbook, I would do a collage of some of her best pieces to put opposite of her class picture.  Picasa (google's free picture organizing and editing program) has an easy-peasy collage tool, so I was able to throw this together in about 30 minutes while the girls played on the back patio this afternoon.  I found a good lighting spot in my living room to take a picture of each of the pieces, threw them onto the computer, did a little cropping and editing, then put them into the collage.  Even better, Costco does cheap 12X12 prints that I can slide right into her scrapbook- double win!!

Now I just have to decide if I am going to keep all her work as well- yikes!!  LOL!  Anybody have any good tips for your kids' artwork and school papers??

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