Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Girls' Focal Wall

So my sweet baby girl is now 4 months old and I am finally getting around to finishing her and big sissy's room.  When big sis was born, the room was custom designed just for her... but when sweet little sis came along, we made the big decision to have the girls share... which was great; less work for me to do to prepare for baby #2, but at the same time very sad, well, because there was less work that I got to do!  So... with a few furniture changes (big sis got a new bed!), I was left with a wall to decorate- woo hoo!

Of course, I started this whole process when I was 8 months pregnant... why not, right!?

I, the always frugal and thinking how can I make do with what I have, scrounged through a box of old frames and begged one very willing father in law for some ugly old black mirrors that once hung in my hubby's garage.  I came up with a general layout and knew I wanted to add in some sisterly quotes and other fun projects I have seen on Pinterest as well.  Yes... that belly was crawling around on our living room floor to do this!
After prepping all the frames, I begged the hubby to please, please, please spray paint this stack white, this stack blue, and this stack pink, and he obliged because that's just the kind of awesomeness he is.... and we turned that into this!

And the longer I thought about this wall piece, the more things I realized we already had that would work perfectly... like the random canvas picture of our first daughter, some clay handprints, and some other random frames gathered from around the house.  One of the mirrors I decided to leave a mirror while the second frames I used to create a much needed bow holder.

And then everything just sat.... baby girl came and everything just sat!  The world just seems to spin on without you when you have a newborn.  But now, four moths later, tadah!  The focal wall is up.

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