Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Nature Hunt & Fall Collage

With the beautiful fall weather we have been having, it was time to get outside and enjoy!  We hit up our local park for the day and went on a Nature Hunt with big sis running on foot and little sis happily strapped onto mama.  With a canvas tote in hand we did a little exploring in the oak covered "wild" area in the park.  Any fun little artifact we found, we collected!  When we got home with our bag of goodies, it was time to make our collage!

We started by grabbing any old piece of construction paper and big sis laid everything out where she wanted it to go.  I showed her how to glob the glue on heavily and place her item first, then let her go at it!

Once everything was glued on (well glopped on!), we gave it overnight to dry.  When we woke up this morning, big sis had a beautiful collage to show off to daddy.  She was so proud of her creation!

Have you ever done a Nature Hunt or Collage with your kiddos???  We enjoyed our little project and may make it an annual fall Nature Hunt!

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